Martín Demichelis opens a window of his privacy.

“A long time ago, my wife asked me what my dream was as a coach. I told him: ‘Look, obviously all of us coaches are competing to win and I would like to win titles, but really my big dream is that the fans of the team I’m leading fill the stadium. That will mean that the team plays well, otherwise the stadium doesn’t fill up.’ That’s what I answered.”

Martin Demichelis takes a break, probably traveling to that scene.

Then, he returns: “And seeing the Monumental full over and over again, with happy people, enjoying how River plays, makes me feel full.”

The hidden tragedy of Martín Demichelis

It’s near Demichelis. Success and admiration in just one semester. And the first semester of his career in Primera. In his country, from which he had left two decades ago. In his river. He hears the word champion and seems to treat you, still not daring to get close.

“Uffff, nothing was easy for me in life… –he reflects with LA NACION–. I am a guy who has gone through many adversities, very rude for having had the misfortune of experiencing so many misfortunes in my 42 years. But on the other hand I know that I am very sensitive. I am full of emotions these days. The family effort and my ancestors, who are the first that come to mind. I no longer have many of them and, in physical presence, they are missing everything that is happening to me…”. In physical presence he says, because he feels that they are.

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Martín Demichelis prefers to think that there is no tomorrow. Life dealt him tragically. “To project? No no. You know why? Because he had many plans and they were taken away from me. At 15 years old, I couldn’t understand that my mom, sick, could leave. At that age you don’t run out of mom. Later, I had so many plans with my dad, who was a great friend, and suddenly in a traffic accident, coming from Justiniano Posse to pick up my sister at the airport who was returning from Europe because my daughter Lola had been born, in 2013, she found death. My grandmother who raised us left us, my grandfather injured. A drunk who kills your older brother [Adrián De Vicente]my only representative [Jorge Cyterszpiler] who commits suicide… So no, no, I don’t see much beyond today anymore. And look, I come from German culture, who plan everything for 20 years, and I think, “bitch, what patience, what barbaric, and they don’t flinch a muscle.” But not anymore, I can’t plan beyond the short term, and enjoy today”.

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