the great cook Maru Snack was a guest on the show Fernando Dente and, as with all the guests, he reviewed both the professional and working life of the hostess. It is public knowledge how numerous the family of snackFor this, teeth asked her how she is as a mother and Maru He assured that it is “very relaxed”

“I like that they are independent. There are mothers who have applications with the locations of the children to see where they are, the controlled videos of what they see and I don’t. It’s like at a relaxed point, I already taught them a lot, I give them example, they are good and have love” started explaining.

In addition, she explained that since the ages of her children vary, they help each other and her with the education and upbringing of the little ones. “They help each other to grow up, it’s not good but it helps you because education is progressing. I’m defining myself as a half post in my house, at times they miss me and sometimes I ask if someone needs me”

The moving message of Maru Botana on the 15th anniversary of the death of her son Facundo

the chef Maru Snack used his personal social networks to share an important reflection on the day of the birth of facundo, their sixth child, who was born in 2008 and died after six months of life due to sudden death, as diagnosed by the doctors. On the date that the baby she had with Bernardo Sola would have turned 15, the cook wrote: “Happy 15 years to heaven, happy birthday sweetheart, today is your day, our day”.

On this day we celebrate the power to have continued and to feel lighter. That was the slogan and that rucksack of stones gets better every year and you are always with me”, wrote the chef. Then, she remarked her. “Facu, today I want to post a photo of a blog that was invented by a guy I haven’t met yet and would love to meet. Someone who published it that same day you left and helped connect me with everyone and write me to help me”.

This week in particular I know that I am different, that things are more difficult for me and that your lack makes me stop. But I think that you especially send me a week with everything so that I can not stay in sadness but go for joy. Those days you sent me moments of great love from my people, those who are always there and that impresses me a lot, because even though my heart is sad these days, everyone’s love in different situations helped me a lot.”, he continued snack.

Clearly excited she wrote: “I miss you very much and, especially today that I remember your entire birth, the desire to hug you makes me emotional, but I could, we could and that’s the most. you left us a lot Facu and today I especially understand that you were a short time, but your life in our family left a mark”.

Finally, Maru Snack closed by saying:Above all, the love you left in the family made us continue and not go down. This is my 15th birthday, thank you and always have you in my heart”. In September 2008, the cook took a few days of vacation in the mountains and left facundo in the care of his grandmother, who found the lifeless little boy in a room where he was sleeping.

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