The New York jury acquitted the British singer Ed Sheeran for the accusation of partial plagiarism in a song of the theme “Let’s get it on”, after two weeks of trial in a federal court in Manhattan.

When the jury’s verdict was delivered, Ed Sheeran stood up and hugged his lawyerswho managed to convince the seven members of the jury that the chords of “Thinking out loud” from 2014 and its resemblance to the theme of Marvin Gaye they were a mere coincidence. Then to the members of the jury and thanked them.

Leaving the court, Ed Sheeran read a statement he had written in which he proclaimed that he feels “just a man with a guitar who loves to write music for people to enjoy“.

In addition to remembering that he had missed his grandmother’s funeral in Ireland for being at the trial in New York alleging that “that moment will never come back“. He also explained that he was happy with the jury’s decision because, if he had been found guilty, “we could already say goodbye to the creative freedom of composers.”

Sheeran had been denounced by the estate of Ed Townsend, co-author of the Marvin Gaye song, in a lawsuit dating from 2017 and about which Sheeran went on to say that he would retire from music if the whistleblowers won their case.

During the two weeks that the trial lasted, Ed Sheeran even took a guitar to interpret the controversial song before the jury, in a privileged acoustic performance with which he apparently managed to convince them that there had been no copy in the “progression of chords”.

The trial took place with just two weeks to go before the release of his new album and the start of a tour of the United States as part of his “Mathematics” world tour, in which he avoided including a stop in New York.

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