The entertainment program of the RCN TV channel, ‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’ It is one of the most watched nights in the country. The reality show is starring several personalities of the Creole show business, actors, comedians, influencers, among others, who compete for the title of ‘great chefs’.

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In a tough creative challenge, the chefs found themselves faced with make a preparation in teams with ice cream.

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The cooks had to prepare three ice cream dishes: Baked Alaska ice cream, waffle with vanilla ice cream and fried macadamia ice cream.

In the middle of the competition Juliana Galvis and Juan Pablo Barragán, who worked as a team to prepare a cookie with ice cream, the actress confessed that Barragán almost ‘eats with kisses’.

Galvis assured: “I almost ate him with kisses, he was doing several things at the same time and I was wondering what else he was doing. In addition, he prepared some sauces of various colors, which took me by surprise”.

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“I was already beginning to feel a little stressed, because of the time and we did not have the complete preparation, so, he tells medo not stress, we are doing things well, we do not have to worry ”, said actress Juliana Galvis.

Also, the actor Juan Pablo Barragán assured: “As it was a creativity challenge, I am going to set fire to it. I wanted to surprise my partner I’m going to bring two plates, I show Juli two different decorations and I’m going to make four sauces of different colors, that I can tell you, look, I have this, this, this and this, which one works for you?”

“Working with Juan Pablo is too wonderful, he made a thousand sauces, not only did he make them, but he also decided to add color, yellow and phosphorescent green” Galvis added.

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Social networks did not miss the opportunity to criticize the dish presented by Laura Barjum and Diego Sáenzwho were in charge of presenting a Baked Alaska ice cream and “It didn’t look very appetizing.”

In the end, the creativity challenge, there were two couples that put on the black apron, those made up of Laura Barjum – Diego Sáenz and Álvaro Bayona – El Negrito W.


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