MasterChef first came to light in 1990 in the UK state media, the BBC, being its creator Franck Roddam.

The competition was governed by who of the applicants prepared the best complete menu (three courses). In addition, the original version did not have a presenter, according to the entertainment portal ‘Vea’.

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The format has evolved over time, it has been adding components, tests, equipment, even the evaluations of the judges.since in the first version it was done off camera.

This format has had versions for children, celebrities, professionals, adults and beginners. For the year 2005, the BBC decided to renew the entire mechanics of the format to relaunch it in the United Kingdom..

The success was such that different television channels and production companies around the world decided to buy the format.according to the portal ‘Columna Zero’.

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This format has different versions: MasterChef Professionals, with expert cooks; MasterChef Junior, involving children; MasterChef Celebrity, in which celebrities face each other, and MasterChef, in which non-professional chefs are presented, according to the aforementioned Colombian portal.

This program has been present in more than 40 countries and broadcast in more than 200 around the world.

ANDSeveral versions of MasterChef have been made in Colombia, the first winner of the reality show was Federico Martínez in 2015, according to the magazine ‘Vea’, who upon receiving the scholarship immediately went to study culinary in Spain, leaving behind his career as an economist.

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