The influencer Mateo Carvajal starred in a controversial event through an Instagram videowith whom he shared with the youtubers ‘La Liendra’ and the model and presenter Sara Uribein which he ended up making a comment that generated the outrage of the users who heard it.

‘La Liendra’ and Mateo Carvajal have shared a lot of timein which they have been seen playing poker, video games, soccer games with several friends, some prominent figures from social networks, all this to collaborate in an event.

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Through a video on Instagram, the influencers They stressed that they will be the captains who will be measured in the ‘Football Stars’ eventa sporting event that will bring together the most outstanding figures of national and international entertainment.

In the video Mateo Carvajal measured his skills in four football dynamics to be able to choose which members he stayed with to make up his team.

In this election the influencer made a comment about one of the team members, which was offensiveand even ‘La Liendra’ was surprised by the note.

“I’m going with Santiago Arroyave to put him to cover because he doesn’t cover anything. No lie, I tell him that because ‘Santi’ surprises, ”he said.

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Santiago Arroyave is known in the digital world for his great technique and control of the ballwithout his physical differences with his teammates being an obstacle to having these sports skills, since he does not have his left arm and has development difficulties in his right, so his ability with the ball stands out more.

That’s why netizens They claimed Mateo Carvajal for his comment that they have described as offensive and inappropriate.

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