when i was 13 years old Matthew Lawrence achieved worldwide fame thanks to his role in the film starring Robin Williams, ‘Forever Dad’. She had started to dabble in acting at a young age and over the years, she ended up making a name for herself in Hollywood. However, in the process, not everything was rosy and she had to live through some traumatic experiences.

In recent days, Lawrence has shared his own experience of sexual harassment and revealed an awkward moment from a while ago. The actor told listeners of the ‘Brotherly Love’ podcast Friday that she lost out on a Marvel role after refusing to strip for a director.

Although he did not identify the person in question by first and last name, he described him as “very prominent” in the business. “I lost my management agency because I went to a hotel room – which I can’t believe they sent me to – of a very prominent, Oscar-winning director, who showed up in a robe, asked me to take off my clothes and he said he needed to take Polaroid pictures of me,” the 43-year-old actor claimed.

“If he had done X, Y and Z, he told me, he would have been the next Marvel character,” he said in his indictment. Lawrence also recounted that after this episode he was “fired” by his agency. “In my opinion, there are not many men who talk about this in the industry,” added the actor, who assured that “many times” in his life he has been asked to “get an important role.”

The protagonist of the series ‘Learning to live’ (Boy Meets World), who is in a relationship with the model and singer Chilli, a member of the TLC group, also reflected that although his experiences were approximately “a third of what women go through ” in the industry, he was not exempt from experiencing harassment. “Men go through this too, whether it’s another woman or another man in power. I think our society is less prepared to hear that this situation happens to men than to women, ”he continued.

His brother Joey, 47, chimed in to say that he, too, has “missed out on a lot of great movie roles” by finding himself at “those crossroads,” emphasizing that it’s commonplace within the industry.

The life of Matthew Lawrence

After achieving fame at an early age thanks to ‘Forever Dad’, Lawrence continued his artistic pursuit in Hollywood. During his adolescence he was part of various television and film projects, some even alongside his brothers. [que también son actores] and was part of the popular series ‘Learning to Live’ (Boy Meets World), in which he played Jack Hunter. He also appeared alongside Christopher Lloyd in the Disney production ‘Angels in the Endzone’.

The actor also ventured into the world of music, contributing his musical skills in different acting projects such as Gimme A Break, Brotherly Love and Learning to Live, where he sang in some episodes and played the guitar in others. In the 2021 film Mistletoe Mixup, he performed “O Holy Night” with his brothers Joey and Andrew, with whom he formed a band in 2017.

In 2015, he also reprized his role as Jack Hunter for the Girl Meets World series, a spin-off of Learning to Live. And last year he tried his hand at the reality show Worst Cooks in America, in a celebrity edition, where contestants with little cooking skills get intense training in the world of stovetops to improve their cooking skills.