In the last hours, the Colombian actor Mauricio Cujar was invited to the studios ‘Bravissimo’ from the City TV channelwhere he had a pleasant chat with the presenters and recalled a very curious anecdote.

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Private story with Amparo Grisales

The actor who is giving life to the president Bernardo Cárdenas in the production ‘Pálpito’ was consulted for his experience in the renowned Caracol Televisión program ‘My name is’.

Cujar, He said that his first experience on Colombian television was when he auditioned of the program, where the best impersonator in the country is sought.

Actors from ‘Pálpito’ at the launch of the second season.

The actor appeared in the call for the city of Barranquilla, where played Eddy Herrera. Mauricio affirmed that he “managed to pass the first three filters” and entered the group of the best 50 impersonators.

The curiosity of the moment was when he revealed that he “he made a mosaic” that he liked a lot Amparo Grisales (jury of Yo Me Llamo), but did not receive the same approval from the other two judges in the contestLuz Amparo Alvarez and Jairo Martinez.

When I finished, ‘paila’, two one. I said: ‘Well, before I go, I would like to say something to Amparo Grisales, in a bit of a song that has a lot to do with her.’ She told me: ‘Give it’. Me too: ‘Inside the lion’s skin hides a heart that is above all human‘”, he stated in ‘Bravissimo’.

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Although he did not manage to enter the group of finalists who traveled from Barranquilla to Bogotá, Mauricio Cújar expressed that he was happy with his audition for the thanks that Amparo Grisales gave him for the gesture.

In addition, the actor spoke that his time on ‘Yo Me Llamo’ land opened the doors on Colombian television to star in some roles in Netflix productions and in the cinema.


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