The confrontation between Mauro Icardi and Moria Casan this time it was raised to a new level. After La One described Icardi as a “subdued and cholulo camouflaged as surpassed” and messed with his performance as a dancer, the soccer player decided to respond to him on Instagram to take for granted what he thinks of the diva. He even reminded her of his arrest in Paraguay in 2015 on drug possession charges.

In his social networks, Icardi referred to himself as someone “arrogant, conceited, arrogant, unpleasant, proud and self-centered” and assured that he has always done what he always wanted in his life, regardless of what others think. He also defended his loving and dedicated behavior towards those around him.

Screenshot of Mauro Icardi’s story for Moría.

“My dear Moria, I wanted to be correct by speaking in my previous post calling you ‘diva’ but with the level of your response you showed that you are up to it. We are going to make it short, whatever you think of me, I have a good time with my balls given the simple fact that you don’t know me… Having said that, I clarify that I am neither submissive nor cholulo camouflaged as surpassed because I have done and undone in my life what I wanted shitting on everything and everyone always. Wanda Nara can tell you that she knows me, the adjective of arrogant, conceited, arrogant, unpleasant, proud and self-centered suits me better. Above all, with people I don’t know, ”the Galatasaray player started strong in his Instagram stories.

“I am also loving, dedicated, passionate, attentive, understanding, kind and generous, to name a few, with the people I love and surround me. I send you a kiss now that you know me a little more and colorin colorado, this story is over. PS: Let’s not talk about Cannabis, we all know that you are more of the ‘Blanquita’. And fewer holes, the only hole I remember is the Paraguayan one where they locked you up”concluded the Turkish Galatasaray footballer.

Clearly, La One’s response was immediate on Instagram. “Limited looter Mauro: I am impressed by my fame and how my nonsense mobilized you. Which makes me think that you suffer from a neural shortage by not having humor. Since you do not know me, I warn you that I sublime through humor,” he commented.

Disclaimer of Moria Casan against Mauro Icardi.

And he continued distilling his hatred with great height: “So I’m going to tell you that I still think you’re a cholulo camouflaged as surpassed, subdued, polluted, the other’s husband, outclassed among your peers, who hate you, mediocre athlete and I’m finding out , because journalists call me to tell me that you were called up three times by the Argentine National Team, that you could not install yourself due to your poor performance”.

“I only knew your family gossip exposed by yourselves obscenely due to your affair with the Asian hole, with cannabis I make you dizzy. PS: I’m not WHITE, I’m BLACK from the suburbs and the Paraguayan hole you refer to was a show to throw jewelry berrerta,” Moria remarked.

“Pd 2: Since you are a low-performance player hated by your peers, train for the idiot Olympics. I send you virtual hugs and kisses now that you don’t know me a bit more. Therefore I warn you that: COLORÍN COLORADO, for me this story has only just begun”, a threatening hill.

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