Despite Mauro Icardi kept a low profile in recent weeks, the footballer stayed out of the public scene to respond to comments from Moria Casan about his alleged infidelity in a note.

The soccer player used his Instagram account to send a statement to the famous, in which he thanked her for her compliments: “Thank you Moria for your compliments and compliments. Receiving them from a person who is a diva of our country, I appreciate it. You also I say that the only poncho that I put on 10 years ago is the same. The one that I choose every day and with which I want to continue to poncho myself for many years of my life,” said Icardi.

The annoyance that Icardi raised with Casan in the comments is due to his relationship with Wanda Nara. Since in an interview on the LAM program, the diva openly expressed her opinion about the couple and her comments unleashed the footballer’s anger. “Icardi seems like a bomb to me. I don’t know the story of that boy well, but it seems to me that the little he tweets and the little I have seen is spicy. A soccer player, if he has the waist to run to the goal, he has to know how to dance well,” Moria said on the show.

However, it was not those compliments that angered Icardi, but the accusations of infidelity. “Are you saying that he tweets marking ‘this woman is mine’?”, they asked him on LAM. “No! It seems to me that for Mauro Icardi any hole is a poncho,” Moria said.

Although it is not the first time that the couple has been the focus of press attention, Icardi decided to respond to Moria’s accusations to clarify the situation and look good before the rest both as a person and as a great footballer he is.

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