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KDDI announced on October 18 that it will start offering “au PAY Growth Pack”, a customer attraction support service for member stores of smartphone payment “au PAY”, from October 19th.

Merchants can freely set the coupon discount amount and usage time, etc., and immediately distribute it to au PAY members. Coupons are distributed to au PAY members based on location information, so they can be used for efficient sales promotion activities.


With au PAY Growth Pack, coupons can be delivered to over 30 million au PAY members based on the GPS and line contract information of the au PAY app. There are only 8 items to enter when creating a coupon, and since it can be created mainly by selecting from the pull-down menu, it can be created with an intuitive operation without hesitation.


The created coupon can be managed from a smartphone or tablet. Since the actual usage status and usage attributes of coupons can be checked on the dashboard, member stores can analyze their own sales promotion activities. Coupons are displayed in the au PAY app for au PAY members near the store, so it can be used as an opportunity to acquire new customers.


According to KDDI, small and medium-sized affiliated stores have been receiving concerns tailored to the situation of each store, such as “I want to acquire new customers,” “It is difficult to attract customers on rainy days,” and “I can’t spend time on sales promotions.” It is said that

In addition, in recent years, there is a growing need to implement new sales promotion measures using digital technology in response to the decrease in store visits due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection.

Therefore, by utilizing this service, which will be launched this time, flexible sales promotion activities tailored to the concerns of each member store, such as immediately distributing coupons to attract customers in the event of weather changes or sudden reservation cancellations. can be implemented. It is said that Lawson, Mister Donut, Matsuya, Daiso, Takashimaya, etc. are already planning to introduce it.


Merchants planning to introduce

In the future, we plan to expand customer attraction support using the purchase information of this service and management support functions such as insurance.


Merchant sets coupons and distributes them efficiently-“au PAY Growth Pack” launched

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