the pythoness Mhoni Seer has aroused a lot of interest lately, as its predictions about the future have come true. In this sense, several people have been interested in knowing what this woman says.

During her reading on April 19 with the Mexican newspaper ‘Heraldo’, the astrologer assured that the leak in the Pacific Ocean confirms the arrival of an earthquake. The 46-year-old seer affirmed that the earthquake will take place during the month of May of this 2023.

At different times, The Cuban woman has mentioned that this year she will have several natural phenomena and for that reason several earthquakes are going to happen and the volcanoes in different parts of the world have been more active.

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The escape of the Pacific Ocean

The leak from the Pacific Ocean was announced at the beginning of this month of April and curiously during these days abnormal seismic activity has been revealed in different countries of the world.

However, Mhoni Vidente assured that with the discovery of the leak a strong earthquake would come. He also pointed out that this could happen in the months of May, September, November.

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But he explained that it would most likely occur in May and that it would have a category similar to the earthquake that occurred in September in Mexico in 2017. Likewise, He clarified that the strongest earthquake will not be in America, but in Asia, specifically in Japan, and it will be 9 degrees.

On the other hand, in Mexico it will be of a magnitude 7.3: “they are strong, but I do not see anything serious, pure fear,” he commented. “Tijuana, Mexicali, leaving from Michoacán or Oaxaca. 7.3 or 7.7″, detailed Mhoni Vidente.

Finally, He commented that this is not for people to be afraid, but for them to be on the lookout and take precautions.


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