The Spanish singer rosaliaSince its inception, it has been in the spotlight of all the media for its talent, collaborations, and the release of its albums.

The last one, called ‘Motomami’, broke records in 2022, having more than five million streams in the first 24 hours, according to the ‘Spotify’ platform.

However, this time he is not the center of attention for his music, but for his private life because of the recent predictions by Mhoni Vidente, who is one of the most followed tarotists in the middle of the show.

This time Mhoni stated, on his YouTube profile, that ‘La Rosalía’ and her fiancé Rauw Alejandro would be expecting their first childwhich has caused a furor on social networks.

At minute 24:50 of the video, the fortune teller talks about the concert she will give in CDMX and then mentions the Spanish woman’s pregnancy.

The Mexican astrologer, reading the letters live, stated that Rosalía would have a child and that she would be waiting for the ideal moment to break the news and that she brought her concert dates forward for this reason. In the country ‘manito’ will be presented for free on April 28 in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

A few weeks ago, the interpreter of ‘Despechá’, got engaged to the Puerto Rican Raw Alejandro who gave her an engagement ring of approximately 600 thousand euros.

The two artists are at a high point in their career and recorded three songs together: ‘Beso’, ‘Vampiros’ and ‘Promesa’, in addition, the two decided to get tattoos to ‘honor’ their relationship, he with his name on the abdomen and she with the initials ‘RR’ on the sole of the foot.