In a month in which tensions will predominate at different levels, my astral analyzed the most important astrological events of May and revealed how they will affect you. The specialist made a detailed review of her horoscope 2023 on how the eclipses and the moons are going to set the rhythm of the month.

The truth is that these are busy weeks and all the specialists in the subject agree. It is enough to cite the prediction of Ludovica Squirru who says that “Stock markets, casinos and betting houses could cause instability in markets that are not normally affected by these businesses. The most altered areas will be the southwest, northeast, west and the very center of the earth. There is no need to lend or borrow.”

Mia Astral’s predictions for May

  • Mercury will be retrograde until the 14th and we continue in eclipse season until the 19th. Those are two things that we bring back from April and they continue for most of the month. Keep in mind that you have to review strategies and plan to have the green light from the second half of the month.
  • With Pluto in Capricorn we will see power figures that have gained prominence in recent times. You have to decide if you want to work in a certain company, if it’s really worth working so hard to be able to live… Is it all about the material? What is it that leads you to that?
  • Since May 1 there was a very important event that is the midpoint of Mercury retrograde. It is about cFour days where the most essential is a surprise factor.
Mía Astral, a regional reference in astrology.
  • Since May 5, the full moon eclipse in Scorpio occurs. Something is revealed. In Taurus there is the Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde and Uranus. This situation also has to do with discovering something that was happening, which is the information we need to say ‘now yes’.
  • We have had eclipses in Scorpio during 2022: those of the same series are connected. What this May 5 is going to reveal to us is connected to what you experienced in the two of last year. There is a surprise because you did not take it into account, but if you think about what was the subject that you were obsessed with in mid-May and mid-October 2022. This eclipse is the last in Scorpio in the series and they always represent endings.
  • During the month, Uranus represents the idea of ​​”no more.” Whatever’s going on, it’s something we had to live to let go of because it was keeping us from growing. Letting go is the key because when Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16 and stays until May 24 of next year, something can blossom.
  • In the week of May 14, the “ultra Taurus” period begins with the direct entry of Mercury into Taurus. All the strategy that we had thought of in the first week, we are going to apply now. From signing the contract, buying a house or a cell phone. Now yes: green light.
  • On May 16, Jupiter enters Taurus after twelve years and stays for a year in a row as we like. It is a spectacular transit, of abundance and flowering. It is the year of the fat cows. But we have to understand that it is a very complicated area and that Uranus adds a factor of instability.
  • On May 19, with the full Moon in Taurus, the end of the eclipse season occurs. It is for us to take a step to manifest something on our material plane.
  • The last two weeks of May and the first two of June, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are in tension. It can be a period that puts us on the batteries. You do not have to be afraid. It will be a dynamic and active moment that we will be able to take advantage of because when we understand what life wants to tell us, good things come out.
  • The month ends with the start of Gemini and that means that we are going to have options to resolve things and make transitions.

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