The renowned Canadian actor Michael J Fox revealed that living with parkinson’s is becoming “getting harder” and that this disease is “heknocking hard on the door”, in addition to ensuring that it will not reach 80 years.

At 61, the actor was interviewed by the channel CBS and began by talking about his painful illness: “I am not going to lie. It’s getting tougher, it’s getting tougher every day, but that’s the way it is.” Even, he explained, Parkinson’s is very advanced, which increases the risk of falls and fractures.

Michael.  J Fox during an interview.  Screenshot.
Michael. J Fox during an interview. Screenshot.

On the other hand, the actor said that he suffered fractures in both arms, an elbow, a hand and his face due to the falls. In addition, he had spinal surgery for a tumor that turned out to be benign, but affected his ability to walk.

All this affected him a lot and he detailed it himself: “Falling is what kills you when you have Parkinson’s. It’s falling down, aspirating food, having pneumonia. All those subtle ways that disease gets you. You don’t die of Parkinson’s, you die with Parkinson’s. Yes I have been thinking about mortality and all this. And I’m not going to be 80, I’m not going to be 80.”

With this last sentence, he worried all his fans and the millions of lovers of the franchise. Back to the Future. For this reason, he assured that he had a little hope that his foundation would find “a total or partial cure.

The actor went on to say that he has broken several bones and had surgery as the disease has progressed. “I had spinal surgery. I had a tumor on my spine, and it was benign, but it made it difficult for me to walk. And then, I started breaking things. I broke this arm, and I broke this arm, I broke this elbow. I broke my face. I broke my hand.” Fox said, noting that Parkinson’s has made him a more vulnerable person.

According to theto Parkinson’s Foundation of America, This disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that predominantly affects dopamine-producing neurons in the brain. Symptoms may include tremors, stiffness of the extremities, problems with balance and gait, slowness of movement, and sleep disturbances.

The National Institute on Aging reports that symptoms “generally start gradually and worsen over time.” The institute reported that most people with Parkinson’s develop the disease after the age of 60, but that around 5% to 10% experience an onset before age 50, as is the case with the actor.

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