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Millions of families in the UK skip meals because of the cost of living, which one? estimates.

Research by the consumer watchdog shows that more and more people have trouble eating healthy meals, while four in ten buy expensive foods or ‘treat’ less often.

The findings come as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) announced that consumer price index inflation rose to 10.1 percent in September, from 9.9 percent in August.

The ONS said rising food prices were the biggest contributor to the rise in inflation. This was caused by an increase in the cost of basic food products such as bread, cereals, milk, cheese and eggs.

A survey of 2,791 adults found that 50 percent of those who are struggling financially skip meals because of it.

While 46 percent of all consumers find it more difficult to eat healthy, of those who struggle to make ends meet, 78 percent eat less healthy than before the crisis.

UKTNA comparison of food prices in Tesco today, compared to April 1, showed that the cost of ground beef has increased by 47 percent, basmati rice by 46 percent, butter by 37 percent, milk by 19 percent and pasta by 20 percent.

As a result of price increases, 50 percent of shoppers are swapping for cheaper products, 55 percent say they look for food promotions while shopping, while nearly one in five said they bought more frozen foods to cut costs (18 percent).

Four in ten households buy snacks less often and 36 percent shop around and compare prices online and in different stores.

Which? calls on supermarkets to support low-income customers by ensuring that essential items remain affordable.

It also said it is vital that prices are more transparent, readable and consistent so that people can more easily understand the best deals.

Sue Davies, which one? head of food policy, noted: “The devastating impact of the cost of living crisis is worryingly leading to millions of people skipping meals or struggling to put healthy meals on the table.

“Supermarkets play a vital role in supporting their customers during this very difficult time.

“By ensuring that everyone has easy access to cheap food options that are also healthy, can easily compare the price of products to get the best value and that promotions are aimed at supporting those who need it most, supermarkets can helping their customers get through the tough months ahead.”

Millions of families skip meals amid living costs, which ones? finds –

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