millionaires it deflated. That impressive game team that has just won the star in Colombian soccer, had an erratic game in its visit to Defensa y Justicia of Argentina and lost 3-1. He said goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana due to the victory of América Mineiro visiting Peñarol.

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Millionaires shipwrecked on the Argentine field. He entered to play in celebration mode, or so it seemed, because after 2 minutes he was already losing 1-0. A very hard blow to start the away game and with the latent risk of being left out.

blue catastrophe


Luis Eduardo Noriega. efe

The goal was from Nicholas Fernandezwho took advantage of a center from the left, Millonarios’ right zone, which was a permanent crater,

Millionaires had no reaction. On the contrary, after 13 minutes he was already seeing how the ball filtered through the same deserted area again, behind Perlaza, another cross and this time it was a header that Fernández scored the second.

In Millionaires the geniuses did not appear, neither Mackalister nor Cataño, Uribe was there but he did not appear, the attack did not work. However, the discount goal was found by an alternate route, the free kick. It was Cataño who launched a creeping charge, fooled the barrier and the goalkeeper, and scored 2-1, in 18 minutes.

For Millonarios the rest of the game was torture. He did not have the strength to undertake a comeback.

And much less when he received the third blow. As expected, the play through his right zone again, where another cross of the ball arrived and Fernández, once again, scored, in a play on the limit with the offside, but the VAR certified that it was enabled.

Millionaires already worried more about not receiving more goals. His mind was in Uruguay, where América Mineiro did not win. But history began to change, the Brazilian team tied and came back to finish second in the group.

Millionaires failed in a match in which he could not fail. It deflated and says goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana.

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