This Sunday was fully lived in telefe with the awards ceremony Martin Iron 2023. Many figures posed before the cameras hoping to gain recognition for their work or that of their peers. On this occasion, and after having delivered a statuette to Susana Gimenez, Mirtha Legrand went back on stage to receive her award for best conductorby Mirtha’s night.

“Don’t take it the wrong way: I’m going to tell you how many Martín Fierro I have. 26 ″, he announced between laughs, and after this he assured that he “want to do television” explaining that he “does good to work”. In addition, when referring to the possible channel with which she would like to return to TV, the diva mentioned that this decision is not in her hands, “There is Nacho Viale, ask him. I don’t think I’m going to any.”

After greeting Adrian Suar, said: “I have been very happy on Channel Thirteen, but hey, I don’t know if we will return. We’ll tell you. And now I’m going to sit down. And I never go up again.

Martín Fierro 2023: Pichu Straneo was moved when talking about his mother who died four months ago

Pichu Straneo
Pichu Straneo at the Martín Fierro 2023

Pichu Straneo he took home a golden statuette for his humorous work on Argentine television. But becoming more serious than usual, the comedian wanted to dedicate the award to a very special person who is no longer in his life: his mother.

“If you allow me, I want to direct this award to my old lady who left me four months ago. For you, mom, and for Pollito, my old man, because today is Father’s Day in Uruguay.” Pichu began by saying trying to hold back the tears for not having his mother present on this special day of his career.

“Look what prize I give you, Ponchito, let’s go. And this is also for my whole family. The trident that is always with me, the great Mechi, Luca and Blanquita who came to accompany me. The kittens, China, everyone,” he added gratefully.

“I also dedicate it to all my colleagues from Telefe who are working early. Loud applause for the technicians who are messing with it all the time. And also a little piece of this Martín Fierro is for my brothers from Sin Codificar. I hope he returns humor again to Argentine television”, he concluded, recalling the program that made him known throughout the country.

Pichu had told his fans very little about this hard loss that he is still processing. Through social networks, on May 19, the actor had shared a video talking with his father and at the bottom of it he wrote: “He lost his partner and I lost my mom, but in honor of her, humor should never be lost. I love you little to infinity and beyond.”

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