The night of the awards Martin Iron 2023 brought several surprises both to the guests of the great event and to the viewers who enjoyed the award ceremony. Almost towards the end of the night, two television divas met at a tribute and confessed their friendship behind the scenes. Mirtha Legrand presented the lifetime achievement award to Susana Gimenez and took the opportunity to give her some emotional words accompanied by a video with various clips of Susana’s projects.

“She lives for her work. I have never heard her speak of anyone. It is very difficult to be a diva, to be a star. The diva that I award with all my affection, with all my love, It is Mrs. Susana Giménez”said Legrand as he took his colleague by the hand, who announced that he would return to TV soon.

“For me it is an honor that you have given me this award and that you have said such beautiful, affectionate things,” replied Susana, who gave the same tribute statuette to Mirtha one year ago. “We are family, we are part of the television family”Susana mentioned.

In addition, Susana announced that next year she will do her classic program on Telefe again. And between laughs, Mirtha said, “Tell us that we wasapamos at dawn”, “Yes! We are night owls”, acknowledged Susana.

Martín Fierro 2023: Natalia Oreiro starred in the most emotional moment of the night

On the long-awaited awards night Martin Iron 2023actress and singer Natalia Oreiro gave voice to the emotional and classic tribute to the deceased on Argentine television. The Uruguayan covered “Not My Goodbye” of Gilda to accompany the APTRA obituary and moved everyone present, generating an emotional climate in the Pacific Room of the Hilton that transcended the screen.

In the emotional tribute, the names of great figures who were part of the world of television and entertainment were read. “To our dear friends, Lidia Satragno Pinky, Alberto Mazzini, Aldo Albamonte, Aldo Prometo, Ana Doval, Ariel Levenberg, Azucena Carmona, Claudio Da Passano, Diana Maggi, Egle Martin, Guido Gorgatti, Guillermo Calabrese, Haydée Padilla, Horacio Scalise, Jaimito Cohen, Jorge Varas, Juan Carlos Ihler, Julieta Vallina, Liliana Caldini, Lino Patalano, Luis Agustoni, Mabel Passen, Magdalena Ruiz Guiñazú, María Lorenzutti, María Onetto, Mauro Ruarte, Carlos Canosa, Salvador Bernardo Carey, José Ángel Trelles”, began.

José Luis Gozalo, María Esther Fernández, Mario Sábato, Graciela Maglie, Néstor Zacco, Salvador Ottobre, Rosa Celetano, Silvana Suárez, Walter Sequera, Germán Jones, Pepe Mariani, Perla Laske, Marta Gimeno, Nelly Trenti, Norma Dumas, Adolfo Cassini, Raúl Lecouna, Raúl Serrano, Rodolfo Hermida, Rosemarie, Sandra Guida, Silvina Lanús, Tristán, Roberto Speranza, Ana María Miceli, Rubén Rigada, Carlitos Balá“, were honored by the artist.

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