Antonela Roccuzzo (35) and Lionel Messi (36) make up one of the most beloved couples on the globe. And despite the great fame of both, and their high levels of exposure, they usually keep their intimate lives safe. It is for this reason that “the first lady of soccer” surprised by showing unpublished details of her home in Rosario.

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo’s room

The captain’s wife Argentine Soccer Team posed for a campaign for a brand of which she is an ambassador and revealed part of the bedroom she shares with “La Pulga”.

The room in his house in Rosario stands out for its elegance and sophistication. The bed has a large taupe backrest and six white pillows (two large and four small) to make your hours of relaxation more comfortable. The detail: Two small cushions with a gold pattern and a comfy XXL blanket as a footboard.

In addition, the rest space has large windows that allow a lot of natural light to enter. One more detail? The entire area of ​​the bed is delimited by an elegant rug in light tones that provides great warmth.

Antonela Roccuzzo posing in her room in Rosario.

Antonela Roccuzzo’s sector

Antonella Roccuzzo She is a woman who stands out for her elegance and “coquetry”. And, as expected, the woman has a special sector where she keeps her clothes, her accessories and her cosmetic products. This corner is her favorite when preparing for big events.

The room is surrounded by mirrors to facilitate the assembly of their iconic looks. In addition, for greater comfort, it has a large white lacquered wood counter and a small bench in the same tone.

The details of Antonela Roccuzzo’s space.

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