In the midst of the racy media raid of More Rial who appeared in various media talking about the non-existent link with Jorge Rial and the mistreatment he received from Silvia D’Auro, a new protagonist adds to this story. She is the biological sister of the 24-year-old who gave details of the adoption process and revealed that the biological mother recognized her daughter “when she saw her in magazines.”

“I am the oldest, I am 30 years old and my mother always told me about its existence. My mother did not want to part with the baby,” explained the 30-year-old who did not give her name. In a telephone communication with the program in the afternoon who drives Karina Mazzocco, He revealed that he wrote to Morena through networks and that he never replied.

“It bothered me how he referred to my mother, I deny that he spoke to her while drunk, it’s his state of nervousness” said in the América TV cycle that he has been following the case since Monday, achieving unusual rating peaks for that time slot on the channel.

For her part, the daughter of Azucena Luna asked that Morena “have the opportunity to meet and talk, my mom is not looking for money or anything and I want to meet my sister” and confirmed that “It is true that my mother tried to poison herself”.

More Rial’s crude account of his harsh childhood with Silvia D’Auro

One of the phrases that most marked her took place on one of the trips she made to Córdoba to visit Mariana Antoniale, who at that time was the partner of the ex-driver of Intruders.

“I don’t understand how you can be with all those poor people. Of course… because you came out of there. I should never have taken you out of the town where I took you from”, was the text that Morena recalled this afternoon in an interview with Karina Mazzocco.

“They are all her words. I called my dad crying because I couldn’t take it anymore. There he looked for us and we returned ”, highlighted the 24-year-old who currently has no relationship with the journalist or with Rocío, her sister.

Morena Rial recalled the day that Silvia D’Auro beat up her sister

“One day we were coming back from a private class, we bought bread and we each ate one with my sister. She asked how much we had bought, weighed it and realized that it was missing. She put a pineapple in Rocío and left her bleeding ”, he said to the astonishment of the panel of the América TV afternoon program.

“The last time she hit me, I was much bigger than now: I told her that if she touched me one more time, I would kill her. Don’t touch me a hair anymore. I was ten years old, but she is now. My sister was quieter and didn’t dare to face her. That day that she hit him was the ultimatum,” she recalled.

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