Morena Rial He has become a celebrity on social networks with more than a million and a half followers on Instagram where he shows all the details of his private life. It is in this context, the media opened the opportunity for users to ask him questions and one asked him about the rumors of romance with his lawyer Alejandro Cipolla.

to which the daughter of Jorge Rial he replied: “We are friends with Alejandro Cipolla.” And added a bit jealous: “Besides, I saw that he texts and has photos with a very famous RKT singer!!! Two little kisses because three is a lot of money!”.

With this phrase, Morena Rial implied that the lawyer is very close to La Joaqui, the cumbia singer known for musical hits like dolls and two little kisses.

Post by Morena Rial denying her relationship with Alejandro Cipolla

Who is the new boyfriend of More Rial sentenced to seven years in prison

In recent days it was learned that Morena Rial would have once again bet on love but with a man who is behind bars. According to her, she transcended, last Friday the girl would have approached Unit 43 of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service to meet who she would be her partner.

Apparently, Francesco’s mother would have remained in the place for more than five hours and would have even taken several photos with the security personnel of the place. The inmate visited by Morena has, according to the Clarín newspaper, seven years and six months for robbery aggravated by the use of a firearm, in a criminal act that occurred in 2019.

The detainee would serve his sentence in 2025, although due to his good behavior in August 2023 he could begin to make temporary exits. In this way he could spend more time with his love whom he met through social networks.

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