In the midst of the media war that began with his father, Jorge Rial (61), Morena Rial (24) reported that he suffered a car accident this morning. The driver’s daughter contacted Facu Ventura and assured her that she was in good health, although she was hit by the impact.

“He tells me it was on purpose, that a car crossed him”, detailed the son of Luis Ventura while reading the text messages that Morena sent him. According to her, the sinister road was not an accident, but she did not detail the identity of who hit her.

As reported by the panelist from the program Carmen Barbieri, The young woman was going to the América channel where she had agreed an interview with Pamela David in american breakfasteither.

This is how Morena Rial’s car looked after the crash.

Morena specified that she stopped as soon as she was hit and that when she managed to get out of her vehicle to cross-check the data required by the insurance, the person responsible for the accident continued his march. “The driver did not even stop to ask for the data and continued straight. He hit his face a bit, but he’s okay. According to her, it was on purpose.Ventura added about the episode.

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