After the commotion that was generated on social networks with the latest album released by the pop artist Lali Espositoin which he used phrases from the TV diva Moria CasanSeveral media interviewed the former vedette to ask her opinion. In a note to LAM, died assured that she feels honored by the singer and as a joke assured that she is not going to charge her for making use of her sayings, as happened when the comedian Fatima Flowers made use of his image.

At the interview, brito angel made reference to the separation of the humorist and her managerNorberto Carlos and Moria hinted that “if it wasn’t for horns, it was for ticket problems”. Hearing her, the driver replied “for me it is more zero to the right than horns, the drama is in the plate” and the diva assured that it is very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who manages your career.

“When you work with a person, and I have nothing against them, and they manage your life, arm you, produce you, so that you can experience all your path, they are difficult relationships to break, because there is a symbiosis, a mutual dependence. When you are under the umbrella of a guy who protects you, who makes you, who tells you everything you have to do, you end up crashing” assured died.

Fatima Flores separated from Norberto Marcos and Moria Casán gave her opinion on the subject

Before closing the note, the diva explained: “How many pairs in the environment can survive? They are very few. Between two who put on makeup, there are always quilombitos. I’m telling you because with my daughter’s father, he couldn’t give in to my plane and I couldn’t go down to his and that’s where a mess starts, because you start to compete “.

Moria Casán gave his opinion on Walter Alfa as a participant in Bailando

Alpha.  Photo: Telefe Press.
Alpha. Photo: Telefe Press.

Brito Angel He became one of the pioneers when it came to talking about the return of the Dancing for a Dream to channel America TV and as usual, use the social networks of THE M to comment and suggest new participants. On some occasions, the driver is correct in his predictions and now it happened with Walter Alpha Santiago andin the last few hours.

The former Big Brother was confirmed as the second participant already inside the dance reality, and from the official account of Twitter of lam’s army They showed a video of the car restorer dancing at one of the parties that were held at the house.

Alpha dances. Score?”, He launched Pepe Ochoa along with the video, which had hundreds of views and many comments from the followers of both the former Big Brother as well as from the page, including many members of the show business, among which none other than La One stood out, Moria Casan.

It’s my aunt with a bulge, what a feminine and smooth movement for such a male. She gives me that she does not support her feet well, how about a semi-pointe or flat foot? ”consulted diedwho will be part of the Dancing jury and will have to evaluate the businessman in a few months.

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