Juan Carlos Sarnarione of the members of the Santa Fe who was proclaimed champion of the League in 1975, and known as the ‘baby’, died this Friday.

Sarnari died at the age of 81.. Apparently the former player dies due to septic shock (which is a generalized infection that causes organ failure and a drop in blood pressure to dangerous levels), ventilator failure, mesenteric ischemia (occurs when narrowed or blocked arteries restrict blood flow to the small intestine.”

a glory

Since he played for the Cardenal club, Saranri had settled in Bogotá, where he set up a famous restaurant in the north of the capital called Girl Stay.

The former midfielder for River Plate, Huracán and Universidad Católica de Chile arrived in Colombia in 1973 to play for Independiente Medellín. In 1975 he went to Santa Fe, where he retired. He appeared in 107 games and scored 37 goals.

Thanks to his performances with the jersey of River PlateJuan Carlos Sarnari was summoned several times to play with the Argentine National Team.

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After his retirement, he was a coach for Quindío, Santa Fe and Once Caldas and was also a sports presenter on NTC Noticias, before dedicating himself fully to his restaurant.

Sarnari is well remembered by the cardinal fans for being part of that squad that achieved a special star for the club, because after her the team lasted almost 37 years without a crown.

A very Santa Fe restaurant

Sarnari is also remembered for his foray into the restaurant business, in partnership with his compatriot and friend Jose Antonio Tebez, who also played in Santa Fe: first they set up a restaurant at the Royal Racquet Club in Bogotá, where they stayed for 5 years.1 5 Later, they both opened a restaurant in the Zona Rosa of the city called Casa Argentina. In 1991 they opened another restaurant in the north of the city called La Estancia Chica, which is an emblematic place for the people of Santa Fe.


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