The actress Juliet Prandi She is going through a difficult moment after the hard separation with her ex-husband. After denouncing her ex-husband, the businessman Claudio Contardi, for aggravated sexual abuse, since the driver assured that for a long time she was a victim of violence and reprehensible situations by the man who conquered her heart. Today she cries out for justice and today, the lawyer Fernando Burlando He is the one who leads the case.

This year I will have news. There has been a change in the cause since Fernando entered with his team. I feel that it will end in the best way and soon ”, the model was explained. prandi She also mentioned her ex-husband’s bond with her children in the program Rodrigo Lussich, Partners of the show: “He can’t get close and my children don’t want to see him. Minors do not want to see it and cannot force them. They have their reasons.”

He also stressed that when he made the complaint for violence, abuse and fraud public, he met many women who wrote to him to tell him what was happening to them and how difficult it was for them to get Justice done. “My cause is the cause of millions of women who suffered violence, abuse and fraud. I’m not the only one who doesn’t have Justice or who takes forever to find it. In my case she was deaf, blind and dumb. In another country he would be imprisoned for not paying the food quota and here we have been without paying for 4 years ”, explained.

Fernando Burlando spoke of the horror that Julieta Prandi experienced with her ex Claudio Contardi

A few weeks ago Juliet Prandi He spoke again of the horror he lived with Claudio Contardi, his ex, and he said he was going to “smash like a cockroach” in the different judicial instances that he is leading against him.

The truth is Fernando Burlando, The model’s lawyer revealed how the case is progressing and surprised by revealing the specific number of abuses he suffered. The crime at stake is aggravated, repeated sexual abuse. We’ve pretty much lost count because it was sexual abuse on a weekly basis and for a long time.”he stated in dialogue with “We in the morning”.

And he recounted: “At one point we have tried to establish the number of acts of which she was a victim and there were really more than 100 abuses. The sentence that is at stake here is 50 years, which is the maximum to which we can aspire.

For his part, the lawyer who comes from leading the defense of the family of Fernando Báez Sosa, said that “andThe process is difficult because it is a fact that happens inside walls between the two people, victim and perpetrator. But the indicators of abuse in Juli are clear. The moments lived are very exposed ”.

“This translates into their manifestations and their psyche. You don’t need to be a specialist to realize that not only did she have a very bad time, but that Juli was a victim of abuse. There are lapidary reports against Contardi ”, manifested.

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