The 2022-2023 edition of Big Brother ended about a month ago, but the “little brothers” continue to make news for various reasons. For example, frames saved a girl in a supermarket east point and Blackberry was assaulted in a bowling alley.

On television they are also protagonists for various reasons. this morning in Barbarossacouples were invited. Nacho and Lucilla “The Torah; Coti and alexis “Rabbit; Daniela and Thiago on the floor; while Juliana tini and Maxi They participated by video call.

In a game hosted by Georgina Barbarossa, the leader of the program invited them to tell the intimacies of the couples. “love after GH” was called this segment in which Coti and Nacho they had a strange coincidence considering that, when they were in the house, they didn’t exactly get along very well.

Coti and Nacho: fans of brand clothing

After asking who are romantic and sensitive; who are relatives and cannot go a week without seeing family; and those who cook or order delivery; he asked them who may be able to spend an impressive amount of money on clothes.

alexis and Lucilla They raised their little sign to send their partners forward. “take charge“He began by saying The Torah and before the denial of Nachothe blonde added: “If you like it, you buy everything. On top of that, he is not a pilchero, he is a marquero; It is not that he goes to Eleven like me“said Lucila, alluding to the CABA neighborhood famous for selling wholesale clothing at low prices.

For his part, “Rabbit” He declared between laughs that his partner “it’s tremendous“. Then, Coti shot: “Impressive, I changed the entire wardrobe“, closed the correntina who is used to being news and dreams of entering the” Dancing “.

Is Coti going to Dancing?

Regarding the possibility that Coti is in Marcelo Tinelli’s program, Marcelo Polino assured: “I think that today Coti is the most famous from Corrientes. Put each one in a different corner and look… They push her to Lourdes to go and kiss Coti…”, he opined mischievously.

Regarding how he thinks the dynamics will be with his companions in Dancing, he explained: “I think there will be no jury president this year. We work very well, huh. We had a super good experience that year.” And, although he clarified that he has not yet signed a contract to be part of the dance competition jury, everything would indicate that Marcelo Tinelli wants him there.

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