With the kindness and joy that characterizes him, Nacho Castañares spoke with PEOPLE about his relationship with “La Tora”. Unlike other couples that formed in the house -like Juliana and Maxi, for example-, Nacho and La Tora took a while to start dating. Although they were seen sharing many activities together and admitted to having a great affinity, it was only after a few months that the relationship was “formalized”.

At some point it was said that she was jealous of the messages that Nacho received since he left the house but he categorically denies it: “Lu is zero jealous and I don’t give her any reason to be because we’re good together,” he says and He also clarifies that they still do not live together: “Everyone has their house and now that my father is in Buenos Aires, I live with him. We see each other a lot with Lu, we try to always be together but each one has their apartment,” he explained.

Nacho assures that there are a thousand activities that he wants to share with La Tora but “we still haven’t had a single weekend, one of those in which you ask for food and lock yourself in to marathon series because we are both working full time but I understand that, with As time goes by, the situation will calm down and we will make plans of this type”, he assures.

Nacho Castañares is 19 years old and was the runner-up on the Telefe reality show

“We would also like to take a trip… We have a thousand projects but we lack free time! Anything positive? Although we lived together for a long time in the house, it could happen that, away from the cameras, we would discover aspects of the other that we did not like and it did not happen : Lu is a sweetheart”, he confesses.

Nacho Castañares and a career as an actor

Nacho confesses that he would like to venture into the world of fiction. “My dad is an actor and it’s a job that I’ve always liked but I just started to seriously consider the idea when I left the house. That’s right: I want to prepare myself well before accepting a fiction project because I don’t want to be improvised. I’m going to find out where I can take theater classes and I hope to start soon because I am interested in the idea of ​​filming a movie or a series. For now I am concentrating on what I am doing as a streamer and generating content for the networks while I define some other projects for the future”, Explain.

Julieta Poggio would like to star in the Elite series and Nacho Castañares would have no problem joining

– Julieta Poggio confessed to us that her dream is to be part of the cast of the Elite series… How do you see yourself in that project?

-I love it! Julia’s great idea! What’s more, I think we could be two Argentine brothers, half perverse, and we would fit perfectly into the plot. So producers, you know: here we are both. (Series)

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