Deportivo Independiente Medellín (DIM) and Atlético Nacional meet this Saturday for matchday 17 of the Colombian leaguea duel to which both arrive in need of a victory that allows them to climb positions and get closer to qualifying for the semifinal home runs.

The ‘purslane’, led by the Brazilian strategist Paulo Autuori, are seventh with 22 points, the same number of units as their rival who is eighth.

The ‘powerful’, led by David González, has just beaten 3-2 against
Atlético Huila with an outstanding performance by the youthful Miguel Monsalve, who served two assists.

Atlético Nacional, meanwhile, will have two sensitive losses for the classic: that of the winger Dorlan Pabón and that of the right back Andrés Felipe Román, both due to suspension.

While waiting for the outcome of a new classic paisa, the citizens of Antioquia lament incidents of violence that occurred before the start of the game. Among them, the complaint of a supposed machete attack by men wearing the Nacional jersey.

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Violent machete attack


Jaiver Nieto / EL TIEMPO

As seen in a video posted by citizens of Medellín, a man and a woman, apparently wearing Medellín shirts, claim to be attacked with a machete by a group of men wearing the Nacional jersey.

According to the complainants, the subjects, who were traveling in a car, attacked them with a knife in the middle of a public thoroughfare.

In the recording you can see how blood emanates from one of the arms of those affected.

Likewise, there is a blow from the men who were wearing the ‘purslane’ shirt, when they realize they are being recorded.

So far, no further details of what happened are known.

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