On the night of this Wednesday, the driver Fernando Dente had as a guest on his show Nancy Dupláa, who despite being a bit away from the media and acting for a while talked about everything. Of her life, of her childhood and adolescence and her career.

Between the talk, the actress assured that in her adolescence she went out little and almost never with men. “I had a teenager from someone with a lot of drive in a nuns’ school. At some point I thought of being a nun. I was very little new, we were terrified of anyone who got out of hand” explained.

Then the cycle driver joked and asked if he felt he had made up for “lost time” and Nancy She did not hesitate to answer with the sincerity that characterizes her. “Later I made up for lost time, thank God” he explained between laughs.

Nancy Dupláa recalled her beginnings on television

In this 2023, the Argentine actress, Nancy Dupláa He celebrates 33 years working in the entertainment, media and show business industry. Throughout this long time, the wife of Pablo Echarri He has been part of successful film, theater and television cycles.

Like several of the great figures who have been working for a long time and have been somewhat successful in their activities, Nancy Dupláa He does not forget what his beginnings were in the middle of the show and professional acting in television soap operas.

On his personal Instagram, Nancy Dupláa wrote: “With this photo that I suddenly find among my things, I was selected in the casting that Channel 13 convened no more and no less than 30 years ago. We were 3,500 in an endless line at the Lima street… with expectant and curious eyes… Thanks always to those who trusted and trust“.

It should be remembered that his first job on television was in a soap opera channel 9 in which he had a small role. Later, she rose to fame thanks to Julian Weich in ‘endless little hole‘ in the year 1991. Later, Nancy was part of ‘Learn to fly‘ and his big break came in ‘Roller coaster‘, the telenovela in which he starred with Gaston Pauls.

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