The life of the actress Natalia Lobo She went through a resounding change after the arrival of the pandemic and this led her to have to stop several of the television projects she had up to now. In addition, the 53-year-old actress took advantage of the situation to dedicate herself completely to another project.

During an interview on “relentless” the actress of “We are family” he told the driver, Susana Roccasalvo that now his present is not focused on acting. “She is no longer the actress and singer Natalia Lobo that we knew so much, but has reinvented herself in her new lifestyle”said the presenter.

Natalia Lobo and her husband.  Photo social networks.
Natalia Lobo and her husband. Photo social networks.

One day I was recording in a motorhome in 2019 and I said ‘what am I doing here?’ and it was a surprise to me, because it was like an announcement of something. At the end of the year I had a health issue, a tumor in the colon, and diseases locate you immediately, if you had half a doubt about something, health is like the slap that locates you and that makes you understand that there is something that has changed. Luckily I turned myself in and everything went well. The only thing that matters is health, you realize that life is a miracle and that you have to start finding what is good for you”, Natalia revealed.

After this, the actress continued with her emotional story: “Luckily the pandemic started because it did me good to mess with myself, I began to connect with the women in my family. My grandmother was the town healer, my mother always talked about Buddha, about the stones, about Machu Picchu, I grew up with that, but she wanted to be famous. In the pandemic I began to connect with all of this and I felt that I wanted to share everything that was good for me, because I also had to eat healthy for my health issue.”

This new life, much more spiritual, led her to organize meetings with nature. “With a psychologist friend we realized that this is what we wanted to do now: put together experiences so that people begin to connect with the most basic thing, which is nature. Enter a healing circle. When you leave the city for a few days and connect with nature, you realize how bad we live in the city. I feel that I have a great perception, not clairvoyances like my mother”recounted.

In addition, Natalia mentioned her partner, whom she married after overcoming the malignant tumor that afflicted her in the intestines. “I didn’t think I was going to get married, the marriage proposal was actually in the corner of the doctor’s office when they told me that I had what he had, we were very scared and he told me when all this was over we would get married. It was a super strong moment, he took great care of me, he took great care of me”he expressed through tears.

Marriage of Natalia Lobo.  Photo file.
Marriage of Natalia Lobo. Photo file.

Regarding the environment in which he worked, Natalie also began to understand what it was about “What this medium has is that it can be cruel, like you are always on alert, you don’t know if they are going to call you again. He is also a great teacher, because you have to surrender. Life is a great school, we are here to learn”.

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