The renowned Argentine historian Felipe Pigna (63) shared a photo on his social networks with two great actors: Natalia Oreiro (45) and Leonardo Sbaraglia (52), with whom he began working on an exciting audiovisual project.

We are with the beloved Natalia Oreiro and the capo and friend Leo Sbaraglia, in the midst of filming the documentary on the life of Manuel Ugarte, a great Argentine patriot and diplomat. A luxury and an enormous emotionPigna wrote on her official Instagram account.

Part of this piece was recorded in Mexico according to the historian during his visit to the embassy of that country. This film will recount the life of the Argentine writer and politician who served as Ambassador of Argentina in Mexico between 1946 and 1948. In fact, the Embassy library is named in his honor.

Sabaraglia next to the clapperboard that says “Ugarte”, the name of the film.

Leo Sbaraglia joins Elite: “He is a precious character who has already been talked about”

The success of Elite, the Spanish Netflix production that narrates a series of entanglements that occur between students of a Spanish high society school, crossed the borders of that country. Hand in hand with the popularity of the product, artists of other nationalities joined. One of the first was Argentina Valentina Zenere that now from the seventh season will be accompanied by Leo Sbaraglia.

The actor -who had his first important role in “The night of the pencils”- It will disembark in the installment that began recording in October 2022. “I am already filming and we are about to finish shortly”, stated the artist in dialogue with PEOPLE from Europe.

“I participate in some chapters. The truth is that he is a precious character who has been talked about for several seasons because he is Isadora’s father “Leo advanced.

“I am happy, content and grateful because it is a very important production Watched by over a hundred million people. Work is done very well, in a serious way, and we are doing very interesting things”, stressed.

According to what he detailed, the production pursued the objective of having his presence in the series: “They were calling me for a long time, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it and it was finally possible to fix it. They put the recording dates close enough for me to make it comfortable to come for a short time ”.

“Here I met fantastic actors and great directors. One of them is Roger Gual, whom I already knew: he is a wonderful Catalan director who is the one with whom I work the most. We are doing very nice scenes with Valentina”, hill.

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