Twitter and social networks allow an approach with people that is unique and incomparable. However, sometimes it can also be negative. A clear example is the one who is living Nazarene Di Serio.

In the last few hours, the lace which in the past was associated with Nico Gonzalezthe player of the Argentine National Teamexposed a series of messages on his social networks that a follower sent him through the little bird’s social network.

In them, the user referred to the fact that he was going to wait for her after work to eat a pizza or hamburger together, or that he wanted to have ice cream with her. “I’ll wait for you after today’s program!”he wrote leonardo gonzalez in the early hours of Friday. Super concerned, the journalist wrote that she made the corresponding complaint and showed the messages she received.

“I woke up with a number of messages of this type deciding that today I was going to go look for my work. Talking to himself. Replying to himself”, wrote Nazarene. Later, he added: “Then they ask why the pepper spray.” Lastly, he expressed: “I make it public because it is not the first time this has happened to me and I got fed up. Of course, report it”while showing the messages that had been sent to him.

“I get ready before 1:00 p.m. today and I’ll wait for you until I’m done if you want to walk my shoulder”, wrote to him gonzalez through Twitter to Nazarene Di Serio. Then, in another message he added: “You must be sleeping at this time but before you were awake at 6.30 because you work a lot! The first of May was too small for you, so let’s go young for at least 3 hours and I’ll come back!”

The messages were signed with the name of leonardo gonzalez and closed by saying: “Do you want to let yourself be carried away by pizza and coke today and ice cream I’m going to nobody sends me I’m going because I just want to go out with you!”.

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