In this article, you will get all the information regarding Netflix: this “unhealthy thriller” and its “unexpected twists” are among the good surprises of 2022!

This is the new movie that rocked Netflix subscribers. For several weeks, the platform’s catalog has been full of new products, and above all, good surprises. While the success of Live is Life created the surprise, no one had also seen coming that of Our bruised hearts, a romantic drama that is now one of the streaming giant’s biggest hits. And among the new features that are likely to shock subscribers, we find I Came Byunveiled on August 31, directed by Babak Anvari. We owe the latter two other films already present on Netflix but not very popular: Wounds and Under the Shadow.

Hugh Bonneville Is Chilling in Netflix Thriller I Came By

chilling thriller, I Came By tells the story of a graffiti artist who writes on the walls of London the phrase “I came by”that is “I have been there”. Portrayed by George MacKay (1917, The Vise of Munich), this street artist mainly ventures into the beautiful districts of London’s elite. But one evening, he comes across the house of judge Hector Blake, where he will discover heavy secrets. Portrayed by Hugh Bonneville, eternal Robert Crawley of the series Downton Abbeythis judge seems to be the chilling surety of this Netflix film that has turned subscribers, if their reactions on Twitter are to be believed.

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“Truly an incredible thriller”

The majority of opinions are in favor of I Came Bywhich some call “surprising”of“excellent”even giving it a score of 10 out of 10. I Came By shut my mouthtruly an incredible thriller”, “You want a good suspense, I Came By on Netflix”, “This honest and sympathetic rather unhealthy little thriller worth the detour for its cast and its vice in trampling conventions and expected twists”, “I loved it. Quite honestly, I expected little. But here, I must admit that it’s been a long time since a thriller had surprised me so much, can we read. Hugh Bonneville’s performance was widely praised. And the subscribers also did not fail to warn those who have not yet seen the film that it was going to “freak out”. “It’s glauquissime”, even wrote one of them.

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Netflix: this “unhealthy thriller” and its “unexpected twists” are among the good surprises of 2022!

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