He The heat is already here, we are on long weekends and national holidays, in no time it will officially be our favorite season of the year and also the sales are approaching little by little, but that is not why we have no news.

The other way around! It is already hot spring, and the firms have wanted to hurry up and show us the most summery looks that accompany our beach daysmountain or terraces with friends.

new lines, lighter and more fluid fabrics make this selection of the week’s news irresistible for all fashionistas. We want to wear dresses, culottes, sandals, espadrilles, linen tops, cool pants. Everything we like and for a thousand plans.

Let’s prepare the portfolio and Let’s jump on the trends one more time!

Clothes we love in Zara, Mango, H&M, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear and H&M and that the high temperatures and the plans of these days in which we want more than ever to go out and enjoy ourselves are going to make us more bearable.

Zara jumpsuit (€49.95)

Zara blazer (€79.95)

Zara skirt (€39.95)

Zara basket (€29.95)

Zara jumpsuit (€45.95)

Zara pants (€35.95)

Zara jumpsuit (€29.95)

Zara skirt (€29.95)

Zara dress (€29.95)

Zara skirt (€29.95)

Zara dress (€39.95)

Zara dress (€39.95)

Massimo Dutti jumpsuit (€129)

Massimo Dutti skirt (€49.99)

Massimo Dutti dress (€99.99)

Massimo Dutti dress (€129)

Massimo Dutti shorts (€49.99)

Massimo Dutti trousers (€59.99)

Ballerinas by Massimo Dutti (€79.99)

Stradivarius sandals (€25.99)

Stradivarius trousers (€25.99)

Stradivarius trench coat (€39.99)

Stradivarius dress (€35.99)

Stradivarius shirt (€19.99)

Stradivarius basket (€29.99)

Bermuda Bermuda shorts (€25.99)

Bershka trousers (€25.99)

Bershka skirt (€19.99)

Bershka sandals (€22.99)

Bershka dress (€29.99)

Pull&Bear sandals (€29.99)

Pull&Bear jeans (€29.99)

Pull&Bear bodysuit (€19.99)

Pull&Bear top (€15.99)

Pull&Bear pants (€25.99)

Pull&Bear dress (€29.99)

Pull&Bear shorts (€19.99)


H&M dress (€49.99)

H&M dress (€59.99)

H&M shirt (€29.99)

H&M pants (€39.99)

H&M dress (€49.99)

H&M dress (€49.99)

H&M skirt (€39.99)

Jumpsuit by H&M (€69.99)

H&M Top (€49.99)

H&M top (€14.99)

H&M sandals (€59.99)

H&M pants (€24.99)

H&M Top (€29.99)

H&M sandals (€49.99)


Lefties dress (€17.99)

Lefties Blazer (€17.99)

Lefties sandals (€22.99)

Lefties skirt (€12.99)

Lefties shorts (€29.99)