We have the weekend ahead to enjoy, this month of April and May they will give a lot of themselves and also in terms of the lookazos that we can form with the latest news from Zara, Mango, H&M, Stradivarius… We’re sorry for your card!

We thought that the new season was not going to be as extremely appetizing as what we have found today among the latest news from Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, H&M and Mango.

Nails pleated skirts with precious prints, Zara tops with puffed sleeves that are crying out for a getaway with a mojito and shiny earrings to combine even during the day.

Even if your credit card has been shivering after the sales, and the mid-season of the firms, We have found some treasures worth investing in.

You have everything, all the prices and stores, things that you can wear now and when total summer arrives. And if it cools down there are also options.

We warn that the The next few weeks are going to make our teeth very longso go saving a little.

Zara shirt (€39.95)

Zara skirt (€29.95)

Zara dress (€39.95)

Zara skirt (€29.95)

Zara dress (€35.95)

Zara jacket (€49.95)

Zara jumpsuit (€49.95)

Zara dress (€29.95)

Zara skirt (€29.95)

Zara jeans (€29.95)

Zara dress (€29.95)

Zara dress (€22.95)

Zara ballerinas (€25.95)

Zara dress (€39.95)

Mango vest (€29.99)

Mango Pants (€39.99)

Mango vest (€39.99)

Mango vest (€59.99)

Mango dress (€49.99)

Mango dress (€49.99)

Mango sandals (€39.99)

Mango skirt (€29.99)

Mango Monkey (€39.99)

Massimo Dutti swimsuit (€49.99)

Massimo Dutti dress (€99.99)

Massimo Dutti trousers (€79.99)

Stradivarius trousers (€22.99)

Stradivarius dress (€29.99)

Stradivarius skirt (€35.99)

Stradivarius culottes (€35.99)

Stradivarius dress (€25.99)

Stradivarius jumpsuit (€39.99)

Stradivarius top (€15.99)

Pull&Bear shorts (€29.99)

Pull&Bear jacket (€45.99)

Pull&Bear jumpsuit (€69.99)

Pull&Bear dress (€29.99)

Pull&Bear dress (€25.99)

Pull&Bear skirt (€19.99)

Pull&Bear sandals (€25.99)

Pull&Bear jeans (€35.99)

Pull&Bear dress (€17.99)

H&M shirt (€49.99)

H&M dress (€24.99)

H&M pants (€34.99)

H&M espadrilles (€29.99)

H&M dress (€14.99)

H&M dress (€34.99)

H&M dress (€24.99)

H&M dress (€59.99)

H&M ballerinas (€32.99)

H&M dress (€29.99)

H&M dress (€24.99)

H&M skirt (€19.99)

H&M dress (€39.99)

H&M dress (€49.99)

H&M skirt (€34.99)

Lefties sandals (€17.99)

Lefties Shirt (€9.99)

Lefties shorts (€9.99)

Lefties Jeans (€17.99)

Lefties Shirt (€14.99)

Lefties dress (€15.99)