Just hours after being appointed as the new Ministry of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco was present at the meeting where they began to discuss the causes and possible solutions to the wave of violence in Colombian soccer in recent weeks.

The most recent incidents occurred in Medellín and Manizales. First, members of the Nacional barra brava caused violent acts that prevented the game against América from being played on April 16.

A day later, fans of the Once Caldas barra brava attacked several players and members of the logistics during the match that their team lost 1-2 against Alianza Petrolera.

Invasion of Once Caldas fans


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The Disciplinary Committee of the championship forced the two teams to play three games behind closed doors as punishment for the excesses. It also closed for three dates, in the case of the Nacional bar, and four, in the Once, the “popular” stands.

The first conclusions of Luis Fernando Velasco

Velasco was surprised to find no representation of the fans at the meeting.

“The idea is to propose a route for the construction of football in peace. I noticed that something was wrong and that is that I did not see representatives of the bars, and if you want to talk about the behavior of citizens in soccer, you have to talk to those who go to the stadium. It’s that simple”Velasco said.

Luis Fernando Velasco, at the meeting to analyze violence in soccer.


Ministry of Interior

Velasco spoke out against the possibility of reinstalling mesh in the stadiums, as suggested by the Dimayor club assembly.

“When you arrive at a table it is rude to disqualify what people propose, but our society has to bet on pedagogy, so that those of us who have a different passion or a different idea can be in the same spaces, stop seeing ourselves as enemies”, Velasco added.

It should be remembered that in the Colombian stadiums that served as the venue for the U-20 World Cup in 2011, the meshes were removed at the request of Fifa. That decision that was gradually transferred to the rest of the country’s stages.


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