The actor, Nicolas Vazquez made his debut as the protagonist of the highly acclaimed work, Tootsie andat the Lola Membrives Theater and your partner, Gimena Accardi with one of his best friends Benjamin RojasThey were very proud of him.

gymnasium He attended the theater to see his partner on stage and the public went crazy to see the three of them together again. When the play finished, as the actor usually does, he invited his friend and his castmate in various projects to the stage, being “One more week” and Casi Ángeles the most remembered

Nico Vázquez and Benjamin Rojas met again at a
Nico Vázquez and Benjamin Rojas met again at a “Tootsie” show after working together for 8 years. Photo file

It should be remembered that the three actors shared the stage together for eight years since they were the protagonists of the play The Other Side of the Bed and after one night nothing more. They are even such friends that they went on vacation together.

At the end of the function, Benjamin applauded standing up and then went to greet with a long hug to Nico. Just over a month ago, the musical comedy starring Vazquez and Julieta Nair Calvo. From day one, the play has been a total success. Every night the great Buenos Aires theater fills up.

Nico Vázquez and Benjamin Rojas met again at a
Benjamin Rojas went with his wife to see Tootsie

The musical tootsie It is based on the homonymous film from the eighties that starred Dustin Hoffmann. It tells the story of an actor who must dress as a woman to get the role of his life.

One more week, the play starring Nicolás Vásquez and Benjamín Rojas

With a video with music by Coldplaya band playing Live life on the stage of TOrbi Opera Houseyes, it was that the actors Nicolás Vázquez, Gimena Accardi and Benjamín Rojas announced the final farewell of one week nothing morethe highly successful comedy that has already seen more than 400,000 viewers.

There were more than 350,000 spectators who managed to have fun with this hilarious work, which moves their laughter to the imposing Opera Orbis theater and managed to bring together three of the former Almost angels In one single place.

For the first time and celebrating the great success at the national level, the comedy that conquered the country said goodbye to the fans in a big way and the actors were very excited in their networks and at the end of the play, thanking the viewers. “One week nothing more”, was a French comedy written by clement michelwith address of Mariano Demaria and overall production of Nicolás Vázquez and Preludio.

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