Nicolas Magaldi He stopped working in television last Friday, March 31. The contract of him in America TV finished and after driving for a couple of months EPA! he stepped to the side. At some point it was said that Marcelo Tinellithe channel’s new creative director, had kicked him out when he arrived.

However, Magaldi He took it upon himself to clarify that this was not the case, that his contract was for a summer program and that they never talked about extending it. Even less when he returned Pamela Davidthe wife of Daniel Villathe owner of the channel, to television.

After keeping silent for several weeks, the actor commented on his social networks that he is working on his own project. Since 2014, Magaldi is the owner and founder of RITVU, a producer of audiovisual content for radio, internet and television. Now, nine years after founding it, he seeks to create a “creative studio to give more flight to that blank sheet and continue writing stories for my life and the life of many companies that have accompanied us“.

In your profile instagramthe former driver of Problem Show recounted much of his life story: “BUILDING WITH A BLANK SHEET CAN TURN OUT LIKE THIS… It’s just that if I go back a few years, precisely to 2014, no one would have thought that such incredible things would come after my first ‘BIG NO’“, he recounted.

Then, Magaldi He went on to say: “I left a very important job in television and I was left without a ‘formal’ job because another GREAT WORK started that is a lifestyle and that all the time asks you to train, explore, relationships, work harder; that HABIT is called ENTREPRENEUR. So on that blank sheet I began to link my passions: Radio Internet Televisión Unida. It looked good to unite all that I use and dump it into a NAME, because if @ritvu came out“.

I spent, well, I invested my first savings in a little camera, an image stabilizer and the rest patented the brand. It was too much and I already felt that this dream was beginning to float. There is no magic recipe, there is a desire that leads you despite many things to believe that what you are going to create is going to be something unique, that is why the motto is “The difference is making“. Do you share your blank sheet with me? When did it start?“, hill Magaldi.

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