Due to a tourist driver miscalculation, a Nissan March got stuck in one of the streets of Santorini, Greecea place that is considered highly touristic.

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Despite the fact that the vehicle is characterized by compact dimensions, going through said alley was impossible for himto the point of being completely stuck without the possibility of going forward or backward.

According to local media, The authorities reported that the theft of the vehicle could take a long time to be carried out. This is because it is the high tourist season and most attention is focused on this activity.

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Until now it is not known how long the car will spend therebut it will be something that will undoubtedly attract the attention of passers-by who pass by said place.

The people who boarded the car, having no other option, They must have left the incident from the back, that is, from the trunk of the car, although they did so unharmed.

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The photo of the trapped Nissan March quickly went viral on Facebook, and It turned out to be quite a funny situation for netizens, who didn’t understand how the car got there.


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