After the premiere of the new song of Christian Nodal (24)baptized cazzualitiesthe Mexican singer wanted to dedicate his new musical creation to his girlfriend and the mother of his first child, cazzu: in the video clip he appears together with ‘La jefa del trap’, the Argentine singer with whom began a formal relationship in 2022.

On this line, the subject in which he was seen to be deeply in love with the interpreter of maleficent gathered more than 30 thousand views on YouTube in less than 25 minutes. To the good reception, was added the heartfelt message of gratitude from Juliet Emilia Cazzuchelli that is, Cazzu herself.

Thank you, my love, for writing me the most precious song in the world. i love you so much”, she expressed to her almost 12 million followers, about the romantic detail that Nodal had.

The romantic verses that Christian Nodal composed for Cazzu

in the letter of the new cazzualities, Christian Nodal hinted that his love for Cazzu arose from the first time they were together.

“It may not be my thing, but I love Juliet, since that night I always find her in my dreams, the sad thing is when I wake up and she is only in my thoughts. I am not lying when I say that what I have lived with you has been like a paradise made of skin, ”says one of her stanzas.

“If I’m smiling it’s because of you, I want to dance to the rhythm of a cumbia” was another phrase that could be heard in the new song, which mixes some flamenco and regional Mexican rhythms.

The first photo that Christian Nodal shared with pregnant Cazzu

This is how Cazzu announced her pregnancy

cazzu took the stage of the Movistar Arena on April 15 and, without needing to say a word, notified her fans of her advanced pregnancy: like Rihanna at the Super Bowl, she opened a maxi puffer – now designed by Pucheta – that It reached down to her feet, revealing her silhouette, clad in a white lace jumpsuit.

Then, in absolute silence, the couple of the Mexican singer Christian Nodal –former of Belinda– She moved very subtly to her side to reveal her incipient tummy, while the audience erupted in shouting. The epic scene went viral on social media in a matter of minutes.

Cazzu revealed that she is expecting her first child with the Mexican Christian Nodal during her show at the Movistar Arena

In this way, the “Boss” joined the list of the most important celebrities in the entertainment industry who have taken advantage of the spotlight to surprise not only their relatives but all their fans with the happy news.

Nodal revealed the name he would like to give his son

During his most recent visit to Colombia and in an interview to promote one of his shows there, Nodal revealed the name he would give his son if he turned out to be a boy.

“I don’t know if this question is a bit daring, but if your baby were a boy, what name would you like it to have? And if she were a girl? ”, They asked him. That’s when the Mexican fired: “Mom won’t let me, but I would like him to be called Zoro, And if it’s a girl, I really don’t know.”

Zoro, the name chosen by Nodal, refers to a character from the One Piece comic known as Roronoa Zoro or The Pirate Hunter. It is that, according to Nodal in different interviews, he usually really enjoys reading that kind of anime stories.

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