In a unique and unforgettable night, more than a hundred celebrities attended the +GENTE party following the “More is more” dresscode.

As expected, the focus of many automatically turned to the looks, but the makeups also they were disruptive. Here, the creations of Nanu, Matilda White, Juliet Poggio, dyhzy, Noelia Marzol, Lady Nothing, Daniela Celis and DJ Quimey Toro.

Nanu, known in networks as @itsthecrazylatina, wore a make up that took more than two and a half hours of work.

I did an open cut crease make-up for Nanu. It is a technique that is widely used in Brazil and that I learned when I studied professional makeup “, he begins by telling us Lucia Belenthe makeup artist who dedicated more than two and a half hours to it.

“It occurred to me to use those colors to celebrate Pride Month, because Nanuin his outfit, he was not going to have anything with the pride flag. So I said: ‘that’s it, it has to be in the makeup!’ so i did everything the circle of rainbow colors in his eyes“confided the artist with a flash of pride.

Why the black lips? Lucía Belén responds: “Lately Nanu is using the black mouth because we feel that it takes the sweetness out of her face and it’s like something stronger, like represents an empowered womanand we love adding it to the looks that are sexier or sweeter out there”.

Another of the colors that he rescues from his make up is the fuchsia:”It is a color that is very in trend because now Barbie movie is released. I used it on the lower water line and in the lower shadow of the eye not only because it is a trend, but because it is a color that would contrast very nicely with Nanu’s eyes, so I decided to use it so that it takes a little more prominence and strength and illuminate your look. It is a make-up to give everything!”.

Matilda Blanco opted for makeup with violet tones.

“For today I chose a lot of color and shine,” she told us. Matilda White upon reaching the rainbow carpet. The fashion world specialist confided that she received help: “The channel’s makeup artists helped me, because they knew I was coming here, and we chose the tones thinking about my outfit. Since I have a green dress by Adrián Brown, I wanted the makeup had a neutral violet, very soft, and something lighter in the center of the eyes. Violet is a color that I love and that is the complementary opposite of green“.

Juli Poggio, the ex-participant of Big Brother, with “a make up clean, very little princess”.

One of the most applauded upon arrival was Juli Poggio. Talking about her make up, she said: “The make up was done for me by Jenny Rojas, a girl who works for Vero Luna, and I loved it! It’s a clean make up, little princess, different from what I always do. It’s calm, elegant.”

Then the own true moonwho designed the makeup, detailed: “The makeup is inspired by the models of the 90s, such as Linda Evangelista.. We used totally matte shadows in neutral tones placed in their classic design of light shadow on the mobile lid plus depth. Then we add a black eyeliner to frame the eye. To finish the look, semi-matte skin and natural lips.”

At the +GENTE party, Dyhzy chose to frame her gaze with glitter.

Quirky and confident dyhzy confessed to us: “My make up is very everything because I am very everything, all the time!“. Then, he joked about his blue color and, far from detailing how he got it, the DJ commented: “This is my skin tone. I just put on some lip moisturizer, coconut butter, nothing else. Bah, a bit of little eyelashes too, because you always have to have a little eyelash, but that’s all, eh! I came quite naturally”.

Noelia Marzol: “Edu, a friend who does everything for me, put a lot of green on me, with green glitter, because it’s the complementary color of the pink in my dress.”

The make-up artist Edu Lajetzkywho made up Noelia MarzolShe told us: “The inspiration for this look was amazing! I was motivated by the idea of ​​mixing fantasy, color and freshness with a touch of glamor. Ariel from The Little Mermaid was a fabulous choice for that magical look. And the beach waves in the super XXL mane gave the dazzling touch!”

Lady Nada at the party +PEOPLE.

“Today we have to give everything, today we have to celebrate. That’s why I did a full color make-up, full to give everything,” he told us. Lady Nothing.

Daniela Celis, the former Big Brother participant, chose red “because red means life.”

Laughter beyond power, Daniela Celis she arrived radiantly on the rainbow carpet of the event and told us: “Today I did the make-up myself, a bit in the car going to the channel, and a bit before recording, because I didn’t want to miss this event.”

“I wanted it to have a lot of stones and for red to predominate, because the Red means life. Besides, It is a color that identifies me a lot. And then, since she was there, I said to myself: ‘Well, let’s give prominence to the lips too’ “, she closed with total freshness.

For DJ Quimey Toro, the DJ who played at the +GENTE party, the make up artist Agustina Claramunt gave her a make up pride using all the colors of the rainbow.

Dress as you want, dress for you. Skip take care of the power of your clothes.

In line with a philosophy that invites to tear down the myths built around social constructions, gender and clothing, Skip accompanies the second season of +Gente matching with the narrative “dress as you want, dress for you.”, of which flag the brand.

Transparent, never invisible

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Smartwater It was the official water of the +GENTE party and with its “Hydration that goes beyond” campaign, it accompanied the guests with their 591 ml bottles of water so that they are hydrated throughout the night.

Photos: Diego García and social networks
Cover art: Gustavo Ramírez

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