Jimena Barón (35) sided with Amalia Granata (42) after the Santa Fe provincial deputy launched a controversial comment on a mobile television in reference to the criticism she received for her daughter Uma’s 15th birthday, fruit of his relationship with Cristian the “Ogre” Fabbiani.

This Saturday the super party of 15th of um in a luxurious event hall located in Benavídez. During the preview of the celebration, Granata made a mobile with True Secrets (America) in which he expressed some words about his daughter that were repudiated and viralized on social networks.

amalia granata and uma fabbiani
Uma with her mother, Amalia Granata, at the 15th party.

“She is special. She is very big, very tall, dark-haired and super-brunette. So not just anything goes with his skin, ”she said when explaining how It was the choice of dresses that the teenager used. Her expressions were taken in a bad way by Twitter users, to whom Amalia replied: “Girls, fat and black have the soul! Nothing further from that comment”, expressed the deputy using the term “chiques” with irony in allusion to inclusive language. Then, without filters, she added: “Each one interprets what the twisted mind dictates!”.

Jimena Barón’s defense of Amalia Granata

After seeing this wave of rejection towards Amalia Granata, Jimena Baron He was one of the first personalities to publicly refer to the subject: “We thought very differently and his comment was strange, but I see trends in Granata raising her daughter alone since she was born and not the father who didn’t even greet her on her birthday. If you are going to judge and criticize at least do it with priorities”wrote the singer on her official Twitter account.

The Ogre Fabbiani did not attend his daughter Uma’s birthday and slipped a hint to Amalia Granata

This weekend, Uma Fabbiani turned 15 and celebrated in style with an event that was attended by more than 140 guests. Yes indeed, the Ogre was not present, since after his break with Granata, everything ended badly.

It was in his personal account instagramwhich the footballer wrote: “3 April 2008. In the distance my first female daughter, UMA, was born. From that day on my life was going to change for the better. I don’t know if I was a good father or a bad father, what I believe is that I always did everything so that you love me as a father.

Then he expressed: “Life often teaches you to weather storms, although you never know what you might get as a parent and you taught me that the truth always wins”. The tender message was accompanied by a series of photographs that immortalize father and daughter together at different stages of their lives.

An image of the post that the Ogre Fabbiani made on Instagram.

“HToday I am 15 years old, I just hope you are happy. Nothing else matters, only your happiness.”, his father wished him and added a ‘curious’ passage: “I had to go through a lot of shit that I didn’t deserve because of the sayings of nefarious people. And here I am still standing with a beautiful family that gave me life 10 years ago, with 3 dream children”.

Finally, the ogre He launched a reflection regarding the relationship he maintains with his children: “When you love a child as a separate parent, you can put up with everything but everything that life touches. And it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you always suffer more than necessary because many times you cannot be there to help”he confessed and sent a cryptic message that may generate a reaction from his ex, Amalia Granata: “You lose thousands of things next to your children just by being separated”.

Time is always right. Lies don’t last forever. Life is always fair for the one who tells the truth. Time teaches you to become strong”sentenced the former soccer player and, later, he closed his birthday dedication to um: Life 15 years ago already taught me that true love exists and is called UMA. As long as you are happy daughter, dad loves youhe concluded.

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