This Thursday, Manuel Turizo took over the stage of the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires with a great stage display and all his sensuality. The author of The bachata, one of the most listened to songs in Argentina, he reviewed all his hits and dedicated the sweetest song to a fan who recently passed away. Her mother, present at the stadium, melted into a deep hug with the Colombian, filling the thousands of spectators with emotion.

The night began with a crowd of fans eager to see the singer live. The stage was decorated with an impressive lighting system and high-definition screens that created a futuristic atmosphere, 8 dancers and a band made up of high-level musicians -among which stands out Julián Turizo, Manuel’s older brotherThey made the evening unforgettable.

Manuel Turizo at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires. PH: @monogomez1

Turizo began the show with one of his best-known hits, Genesis, causing the audience to riot and sing along with him. Throughout the night, the artist demonstrated his ability to interpret a wide variety of musical genres, including reggaeton, ballads, pop and bachata.

One of the most moving moments of the concert was when Manuel dedicated the single to him love me while you can to Micaela Tamara, an Argentine fan who recently passed away. “This song is for a beautiful girl… Micaela Tamara, a young woman who, since the first time I came to Argentina, has even gone to see me at the airport. She sadly left us and is watching us from heaven. Let’s sing loud so that he hears us“He said very excited. In turn, he hugged the mother of the young woman who was in the first row and said a few words in her ear.

In full, with the National Team shirt. PH: @mazzaph

Throughout the concert, they played all their hits like A lady like you, Unknown, Damn photo and The meringue, among other. However, there were two moments that stood out during her presentation in the country: when she played Empty, accompanied by kennedy choir and when he made the “argenta” version of his classic A crazy pod. “Duki told me that in Argentina they sing A cool wachahe assured between laughs, before starting with the cumbia.

The unforgettable step of Turizo before the public of Buenos Aires. PH: @mazzaph

The concert came to an end with one of Manuel’s biggest hits, The bachatawhich had the crowd chanting every word and getting up from their seats to dance.

The last time I came to Argentina we sang at the Opera… Now being here is a dream. Thank you Buenos Aires“He concluded excitedly, with the National Team shirt on, in what was his first stadium on Buenos Aires soil.

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