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The cloud computing industry is growing at a tremendous rate, but so is the global regulatory environment and industry priorities. And in many parts of the world, nations and businesses want control beyond what public cloud providers are willing to offer.

Courtesy: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Courtesy: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Oracle, which owns the Oracle Cloud, is turning these challenges into opportunities with a new service called Oracle Alloy. The new platform enables customers to consume Oracle Cloud services without relinquishing control over operational decisions.

For example, customers will be able to use local talent to operate the platform. It also enables control over operational cycles, such as scheduling software changes and updates.

Leo Leung, the company’s vice president of Oracle Cloud, told ZDNet ahead of the Oracle CloudWorld conference, “This will give some countries and industries what they’ve been waiting for. “They don’t want cloud services managed by U.S. providers, and they don’t want to be overly dependent on Oracle.” ‘ continued.

“There are some underserved markets” in highly regulated areas, he said, adding that “we will work with local and regional providers to serve these underserved markets.” I see it as a huge opportunity,” he said.

Alloy is a product developed for large-scale system integrators and managed service providers such as software vendors.

For example, a system integrator that sometimes manages hundreds of thousands of customer applications in a data center could automate the management process in the cloud by migrating to Alloy, and base its business model on CapEx (equipment investment). It will be possible to change from one that is based on OpEx (business operating expenses). Meanwhile, software vendors operating in markets like the financial services industry will be able to offer multiple Oracle Cloud services through Alloy. Companies using Alloy will also be able to serve their customers under their own brand without exposing the Oracle brand.

As Oracle seeks to expand the reach of Oracle Cloud with new services like Alloy, it is also looking to expand its physical footprint. The company also announced plans to open new public cloud regions in Chicago, Serbia and Mexico.

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Oracle Introduces New Service “Oracle Alloy” — For Customers Seeking Greater Control

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