In Gibraltar, on May 2, a yacht called ‘Bavaria 46’ was rammed by several orcas. The boat was sailing near Tangier near Morocco.

The orca that commands the predators has been called by the researchers of the fact as ‘gladys’ and scientists assure that the behavior of this mammal is due to the fact that in the past the animal was the victim of illegal fishermen who thought to hunt it.

‘Gladis’ was ‘traumatized’ when she collided with a boat as well as having been trapped by the nets of these fishermen.

The strangest thing about it is that this behavior is being copied by other orcas that inhabit the place, which has caused several damages in boats and ships that frequent these coasts.

According to the newspaper ‘Telegraph’, these behaviors increase the possibility that future generations of these mammals will continue a war against humans, who usually browse this place.

The latest attack by the group of orcas was witnessed by a couple from Cambridge, England, Janet Morris, 58, a business consultant, and Stephen Bidwell, 58, a photographer, who were aboard a boat for a sailing course.

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The English told the media: “It is an experience that I will never forget.” I reminded myself that we had a 22 ton steel boat, but to see three of them coming at once, fast and on pace with their fins out of the water was daunting. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them, we were easy prey.”

The person who was steering the boat, Greg Blackburn, from Leeds already was presenting difficulties in navigation due to strong winds, so when he was attacked by orcas he stated: “I thought ‘oh my gosh’ when I saw them. After reading the reports and learning what has been going on, I thought we were in for a trip now.” The boat sustained extensive damage and struggled back into port.

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In November 2022, a boat off the coast of Portugal was also attacked by the group of whales. This time the ship had a French crew on board and it was sunk by the cracks that the killer whales caused in the hull.

According to reports from the Iberian coast, the first attacks began in May 2020 and in that year the Spanish authorities prohibited navigation in the area, after more than 20 orca attacks.

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