Orlando Pelayo passed away on the afternoon of April 21 at the Rosario Pumarejo López hospital. The man was serving a sentence in the Tramacúa prison, in Valledupar, for kidnapping and murdering his own son, Luis Santiagoan 11-month-old baby, on September 26, 2008.

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According to records, he was in the Intensive care unit since last April 10 due to health problems. The authorities are already carrying out the due process.

“The truth leaves me speechless because it is a feeling of frustration, anger and sadness, because he left with the truth in his mouth, that is, he never wanted to tell the truth (…) May God judge him. I The only thing I can say that I’m sorry is for the family because, well, family is family and no matter how bad the guy has been, it’s a pain for the family,” said Ivonne Lozano, Luis Santiago’s mother.

This fact adds to a long list of homicides that shocked the country. Here are some of the most controversial cases.

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Orlando Pelayo, in the hearings against him.


Federico Puyo / Archive EL TIEMPO

Gabriel Enrique Gonzalez

This is one of the most recent and controversial cases. The man would have kidnapped his own son Gabriel, 5 years old, to harm the ex-partner and mother of his youngest. According to reports, the confessed murderer took the infant to a hotel in Melgar, Tolima, where he committed the crime in October of last year.

After suffocating his son, this 50-year-old man sent a photograph to the child’s mother, in the image the child’s body was observed, white sheets and behind a crown, a symbol of the hotel. “She didn’t suffer. Now you can enjoy alone with Edilson and Wesly without tricitic and much less me. Congratulations,” the message read.

The National Police made the capture and he was sentenced to 45 years in prison. However, the past On March 28, the news broke about his death due to an overdose of medication probably self inflicted.

Miguel Angel Meza

In November 2021, the news broke of the murder of a child under one year of age by his father, Miguel Ángel Meza. The baby’s body was found under a bridge in the El Comercio sector, on one side of the road that goes from Cali to Palmira.

On Tuesday, November 2, Miguel Ángel Meza was sent to jail for the crimes of domestic violence, aggravated homicide, and forced disappearance.

On the morning of October 23, the man showed up at the boy’s house and took him away. Jackeline, mother of the minor, He wasn’t there and when he found out, he started calling him, but there was no answer. After several hours of anguish, according to his ex-partner, he answered him.

“From that moment, when he responded to me the way he did, I went out looking for the police because I knew my baby was in danger. None of the entities wanted to listen to me. They told me: he is the father,” he says. Jackeline.

Finally, the authorities say that the crime may have been committed that same day.

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Diego Armando Cadavid

In 2020, the country was dismayed by the murder of Sofía Cadavid, a child under 18 months of age, who was perpetrated by her father Diego Amando Cadavid, 35, after kidnapping her on December 17 of that year. According to the investigations, she was supposed to deliver it around 6 pm on that date, but it never happened.

Upon reporting her missing, the Army, Firefighters, Police, residents of the sector and officials from the Rionegro Mayor’s Office began the search for the baby.

A few hours later, the minor’s father was found disoriented, wandering the streets of this municipality in eastern Antioquia. Apparently, It was the same subject who took the authorities to the place where he had left the body.

According to the Legal Medicine report, the baby was drugged, beaten and suffocated to death.


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