Undoubtedly the life of Pablo Escobar is full of mysteries. The one who was the most wanted man on the planet in the early 90s, left a stormy legacy for the country that to this day has not been recovered of the effects of violence and drug trafficking, a crime that he used to create one of the most feared drug empires in history.

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The ‘capo of capos’ or the ‘Patron’, as he is also known, died in 1993, after intense persecution by the Government of Cesar Gaviria and the United States. Since then, dozens of his properties have been forfeited and some of them are still abandoned today.

They all have a particular story, in fact, there are hundreds of guaqueros or treasure hunters who come to these houses hoping to find money hidden in wallsas in the Antigua Hacienda Nápoles, the Manuela farm and the Casa Rosada in Miami, demolished a couple of years ago.

However, there is a property that stands out among the others, one, because it is built in the most visited coastal paradise in the country, and two, because very probably Pablo Emilio has never stepped on the tiles of this land hosted in the archipelago of Islas del Rosario.

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The myth of the Isla Grande mansion

For decades the popular culture of Cartagena has been in charge of building rumors around the abandoned mansion located on Isla Grande. Narco tourism is one of the most desired options by foreigners who are curious about the history of the country and the Medellín cartel, so at some point, After Escobar’s death, it began to be said that said property belonged to the drug trafficker.

According to testimonies, the mega-project was going to be a large-scale hotel

Some portals mention that it has more than 300 rooms and that they were plated with gold decorations. Discovery Channel, for example, made a well-known documentary in which it showed the deteriorated white walls that hundreds of travelers see when they arrive by boat from Cartagena.

However, there are no clear records that support Escobar’s presence in the archipelago. What’s more, experts have stated that among his favorite resting places, Cartagena or its surroundings were not among their selected.

Now, in various videos circulating on YouTube, some islanders, natives who live on Isla Grande, have been heard to say, that the so-called ‘White House’ of the ‘Boss’ was not his property and that rather belonged to the family of a president of Colombia.

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Whose mansion is it?

There are already several Internet records of some residents of the Rosario Islands, who state that they are tired of drug tourism and that the visit to the beaches does not focus on appreciating the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, but in visiting the supposed mansion of the deceased leader of the Medellín cartel.

Those who have lived on the island for generations state that the luxurious home belonged to the president’s family Julius Cesar Turbayspecifically to one of the cousins ​​​​of the former president.

According to testimonies, the mega-work It was going to be a large-scale hotel, but the work was stopped because the Government considered that it was a project that substantially affected the natural habitat and they ordered the construction to stop, becoming one of the thousands of ‘white elephants’ that can be found throughout the territory.

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