The series ‘Pálpito’, starring Ana Lucía Domínguez, Michel Brown and Sebastián Martínez, is a success since the premiere of its first season, as it ranked third in the top 10 in 47 different countries.

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Leonardo Padrón, creator of the production, pointed out that in the first season Netflix’s global audience consumed 68 million hours of TV watching Pálpito, only in its first week.

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The second edition of Pálpito is located in the first position of the top 10, in the most watched non-English-speaking series, around the world. The Korean series ‘Queenmaker’ ranks second on this list.

“We felt that it was a very interesting series, with a different script, with a great cast, but We did not imagine that it would do so well in so many countries. We said that it would surely do well in Colombia, in Mexico, in Peru, but we never imagined what a world event it would be,” commented Ana Lucía Domínguez in an interview with The Colombian.

The story has more than 52 million hours viewed by people around the world. The countries that have consumed the most production are Poland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Martinique, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

On the other hand, the actor Sebastian Martinez made a publication, on April 23, through his Instagram account, adding that: “Pálpito 2 is the number 1 series in the world thanks to you, Let’s celebrate Colombia. What an incredible team that was part of this global totazo (…)”

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