Pamela David (44) spoke completely honestly on his show, American Breakfast, and questioned his attendance at the awards ceremony Martin Iron 2023. Furthermore, he revealed what his personal motive is.

“I don’t know what to do on Sunday with the Martín Fierro. Yesterday I got my invitation back,” the host of América began.. Then he added: “The television party is the most beautiful thing there is for us. It’s a party you have to go to… but I was guilty“.

The reason why Pamela David does not know if she will attend the Martin Fierro

“It gives me something because I was not on the air last year. But I’m going to record all the gossip for this program… I’m guilty, thing,” Pamela confessed, very sincere, noting that her return to TV with American Breakfast was in 2023.

Pamela David in an exclusive production for PEOPLE.

Then, at the insistence of her colleagues to be present on July 9 at the Hilton Hotel, the host exclaimed: “I’m going to go with zero pressure, eat and drink something”.

The strong defense of Pamela David live against Aníbal Lotocki

In case of Silvina Luna It worries not only those closest to her, but also those who from afar live her story as their own, since it moved everyone’s human fiber. For more than 20 days the actress has been hospitalized in the Italian Hospital, and from the news of her admission to intensive care, she generated a chain of prayer for her speedy recovery.

In the middle, Hannibal Lotocki He appeared giving his version of the facts and disclaiming responsibility for Silvina’s current state, which generated the anger of those who, from the other side, accompany the model and her family at this time.

Pamela David He did not ignore the surgeon’s sayings and was downloaded live in ‘American Breakfast’. It was when she was talking to Fernando Burlando that the driver raised herself about the situation that paralyzed the life of Silvina Luna.

Pamela David in an exclusive production for PEOPLE.

“I wanted to ask you, because there is some outrage. We know that the most important thing is health, but that Silvina cannot work because her physique does not respond to herWith how hard-working he was all his life… Can’t legally do anything for me to have financial aid in the meantime?“, He wanted to know.

Immediately afterwards, Luna’s lawyer replied: “It is prudent to start a civil lawsuit when the person is solvent and has no problems… There is no solvency on the other side. We have already done a thorough investigation. With all the legal problems he has…”, detailed the lawyer.

Upon learning that the surgeon in question had no assets in his name, Pamela David He couldn’t help his anger and I send him a live message: “Don’t have anything to your name? I can’t believe it!“, she expressed indignantly.

Later, he added: “And the palace you have in Olivos? Don’t have anything to your name? What a shameless person! What a shameless person!David insisted at the end of his program.

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